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F.A.Q. Which Apply to SundayLeague 1 & 2

  • Credit Offers

    The free credit offer system is  provided by 3rd party providers, we do not have any direct agreement with any offer you may choose to take advantage of. If you do not get the credits, please check the status tab on the offers page, it will list the offers you clicked on. If you do not get the credits in the time stated you may message the company on this page and they will deal with the problem.


  • My Credits Havn't Been Updated

    Credits can take up to an hour to appear on your account, longer on SL1 if the game starts playing.

    Sometimes we have to manually update if the alert from PayPal dosn't come through, and if you are a first time purchaser.

    If you have not received your credits, please drop an email to

  • Transferring Credits

    SL1 - Members may ask for credits to be transferred to another team, we require both teams user names to complete the move.

    SL2 - Credit transfers are not permitted.

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